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Victoria Tomey

What is this life? A game! It’s all about children’s toys in a baby’s cradle and some minor whims when you are adult. Here there is a motivation to guess other people’s greatest desires along with making new best friends.

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Stefan Macri

It feels great knowing other people’s desires. I think I have some human knowledge. This game gets me deeply involved and intrigued by guessing people’s thoughts and desires.

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Natalie Mitrecey
Great Britain

It’s just as simple as that to find people like you with the same desires. You can talk and make friends with them, discuss your plans and dreams coming true.

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Tom Gilbert

Who can guess my desire? Who can understand me so to guess my desire by just looking at my profile?

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Sadako Sagaki

Interesting game! You can not just guess other person’s desire, but also make some best friends with your intelligence.

Welcome to Greatest Desire! The most exciting social network and the best social game online!

Greatest Desire is the Internet’s newest free online social network giving you an opportunity to discover other people’s personalities, including their interests, preferences, wishes, and desires.

It’s a fun, easy and exciting social game where you can relax, reveal yourself, experience a social media game like never before, and meet new friends who share your interests and desires.

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