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The Internet has launched so many opportunities to meet people online and do a thousand other tasks big and small. We work online, shop online, bank online, communicate online, and we play online. When we created Greatest Desire our hope was to step into the world of social games with a new and unique gaming opportunity. Social games online are fast becoming standard ways in which people meet each other and Greatest Desire is absolutely no exception. We wanted this game to be something in which people could connect for a few hours or - if they decided that they wanted to explore a friendship with someone who shared similar interests - many years to come.

Social online games traditionally only go so far; they give you the chance to participate in a game and - if you’re playing with someone else - you immediately disconnect from that person when game play has completed. Greatest Desire was always meant to be a different online social game. You create an account that includes information about your hobbies, interests, and desires in life - so right away you’re putting yourself out there in a unique and personal way. Then you are able to explore the account profiles of other players. If someone’s profile strikes your interest - or they sound like someone in which you’d be interested in getting to know further - you can play the game with their profile. You get to know them virtually - through the information that they’ve provided - and then you guess what you think may be their Greatest Desire in life. If you choose correctly you win and you’re given the opportunity to add this person to your “friends” list. It’s a truly fantastic way to get to know people in a fun, easy, and exciting online atmosphere.

Best of all, we’ve made Greatest Desire free to play. Free online social games may be few and far between but we felt strongly that this was a great way to connect people and by making it free we have made it as easy and convenient as possible for our members. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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