Play Online Games for Money

Greatest Desire was built on the premise that because so many of us live our lives online - through work, through play, through social interaction - that online gaming was certainly the next frontier to explore in terms of connecting people. We created this amazing game in the hopes that people would create their personal accounts in such a way that really reflected who they are as a person and then set out to participate in a fun and exciting game of intuition that would immediately connect them with people who share similar interests and hobbies. Then, if they chose to continue getting to know this person they could connect by adding them to their “friends” list and go from there. We’ve made Greatest Desire free to play because our goal was always to connect people as easily and conveniently as possible.

However, when you play games for money - online or otherwise - it certainly adds an element of excitement to the competition and this game is no exception. We hope to one day include an element of game play that includes the opportunity to play online games for money; we think that would be an exciting area to explore and definitely another amazing piece to add to this already exciting online game.

If you currently play games for money online, you know that much of winning comes to down to pure chance. There is often very little skill involved at all. With Greatest Desire, you are making a guess at another player’s Greatest Desire in life - out of the three desires that they’ve listed on their account - and you’re making that guess based on the information that you’ve gathered from them. It is a game of collecting clues; and while there’s always going to be an element of chance, Greatest Desire is really about intuition. It’s a great way to not only engage in competitive and fun play but also get to know people with whom you can perhaps begin a friendship.

So check back with us often and continue playing the game. We always offer the opportunity for fun online gaming and the chance to get to know people. But we may someday even offer the opportunity to play online games for money through Greatest Desire!

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