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Welcome to Greatest Desire - one of the most unique and fun social games online!

At Greatest Desire, we’ve harnessed the power of the Internet to offer one of the most unique online social games you’ll find today. Looking to make new friends? Connect with people who share similar interests? Enjoy communication through social gaming? Participate in cool online games that will challenge you to gather information, get to know people in a virtual capacity, and move forward through the game by making educated guesses based on the information you gather. It’s like part online social mixer, part mystery solving, using the clues you’ve been given. It’s no wonder that Greatest Desire is one of the hottest - most buzzed about - social online games today. And it’s free to play! Here’s how it works...

How to play

Greatest Desire is one of the Internet’s newest free online social games - giving you an opportunity to learn more about other people including their interests, preferences, wishes, and desires. It’s a fun, easy, and exciting social gaming network where you can relax, be yourself, get into social media games like never before, and meet new friends who share your interests and desires.

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You must register and fill in your profile to start this online social game. Your profile will include such information as interests, hobbies - and most important - your top three desires in life. And, of those three desires. you need to identify which is your absolute Greatest Desire.

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Now it’s time to find someone with which to play the game. Check out other members’ profiles and choose the one you are most interested in and whose Greatest Desire you would like to guess. Remember, the foundation of this social game is connecting you with people who share similar interests so choose a profile in the spirit of finding a new friend.

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Learn the other person’s profile. Analyze the profile information such as interests, hobbies, etc. and get to know what makes this particular player unique. Using the information that you’ve gathered, try to guess this member’s Greatest Desire from among the three desires that he/she has provided. This is a game of information gathering and intuition; a fun mystery to solve as you put together the online clues of this potential new friend.

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Did you guess their Greatest Desire? Hurray! You win! Now you are able to add your game partner to your friends list. And this could be the start of a great new friendship! This is what fun social games are all about!


When you’re looking to play social games, but you don’t know where to start, just remember one thing it’s all about you. Any virtual social games that you consider should allow you the opportunity to be yourself and find likeminded people. Whether you’re looking to play games for money or find free social games online, the virtual online game that you choose should ultimately be the best online gaming site for you and you alone.

Greatest Desire is fast becoming one of the best online gaming sites and it’s not difficult to see why. Where else can you combine a platform for social skills, games that fill your hours with fun, and the opportunity to make friends from all walks of life? This is truly one of the best interactive online games to come along in many years. We look forward to watching you connect in this amazing new virtual online game. Get started today!

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