Success stories

Jennifer, 27 years, Ride on a hot air balloon

Sky had strangely enticed me since my very childhood. I used to look through depths of the ocean above my head, and all its fantastic colors and unique patterns made me feel same unique. My brightest desire was to take off on a red-colored balloon, like my friend Anne once was.

Hannah, 21 years, Team weight loss

My history began when I went into the medical university. I knew about horrific pace of studying there, but also I was used to overestimating my capacity. Once I started, my confidence vanished immediately, as did my spare time. In matter of few weeks, I completely forgot about myself.

Mia, 18 years, Friends from around the world

My biggest obsession — foreign languages. Isn’t it great when you could share same phrase, but with different tone and charm? However, when comparing languages, it turns out we’re much more similar than we think.

Nicole, 42 years, My own house by the ocean

I’ve struggled all my life so that my dream comes true. It started with my childhood. I still remember I was six years old when I was asked to draw my desire. I was holding a brush over the paper and tried to build my dream house by the ocean...

Paul, 24 years, Hotspot journalist

It is hard to determine when it was when I realized that hotspot journalist was exactly that profession, which always was my desire. I think it has been in my heart since I was born. I remember that time, when I was watching TV, listening to the radio...

Marta, 34 years, Restaurant business

Long as I can remember, Iwas always especially interested in such incredible buildings as restaurants. People usually come there in order to eat delicious food, but, as for me, this is not their only reason.

Flick, 56 years, The book of my life

Not so long ago I was captivated by idea of writing my memoir. I was wondering how I would look at my own past stories today and what I could take from them for my today self. My life was full of shallow regrets, which made up...

Gabe, 29 years, My own sea yacht

All my life passed on the seashore. I’ve took from the sea all it could offer, but the most precious moments was spent on the big white yacht of my dad’s friend. He was driving me two or three times a week, but I pestered and wanted more.

Satchel, 50 years, Animal shelter

My town had only one animal shelter, which, of course, couldn’t bear all of street dogs and cats. It couldn’t hold and treat everyone, moreover, most of animals were staying in their enclosures for long years, because the social activity...