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Becoming a member of GREATEST DESIRE.

Creating your game profile

Depositing to your account

Starting the game

Adding new friends

Taking practice game

Inviting friends

Payments and commissions

Becoming a member of GREATEST DESIRE

To become a member of the game you must register on the site GREATEST DESIRE. Registration is obligatory as other members will need the information to play the game. GREATEST DESIRE does not charge a registration fee for You to become a Member. The information provided is absolutely protected and not submitted to any other parties. The information can be deleted on your request. Your e-mail address is used only to communicate with you and to log on.

To register you provide Your first name, last name, date of birth, gender. You are required to provide a reliable personal login, password and a protection code. You can also register and log on by means of social media such as Facebook or Google.

If you register in a regular way, you will receive an email containing a request to activate your account. It is to make sure that this is your true email address. The letter will contain a link to be activated on our site. After activation is successfully completed you'll be able to access the system with the given password and login.

If you register by means of social media, your account will be activated automatically and you will receive an email containing a temporary password.

After the registration you will be given an opportunity to play the game for free.

Creating your game profile

Go to profile page To create your profile you must fill in your personal page on Apart from already submitted information, you also state your address (country, city, living place description), interests (pets, hobbies; favorite music, videos, TV shows, books, games, quotes), education and career information, biography, world view, life importance. The most important information is your personal photo, your greatest desires and hobbies. You must fill in more than 80% of your profile.

You must provide only true and accurate information to make sure all the members have equal rights while guessing your greatest desires.

However, while filling in your profile in tabs (except the most important one) you must not reveal your greatest desire.


ONLY IN THE TAB "DESIRES" you must say about your desires and choose THE GREATEST ONE. Your desires should be various and meaningful.

By creating your profile you save the submitted information.

Depositing to your account

Go to account page You can deposit your account, withdraw moneyif you want, check your gaming statistics on your personal page "Game balance and Statistics".

The currency of the game is Greatest Desire Currency (GD). The exchange rate is 1 GD to $1. To start playing you deposit on your account. Click  Deposit and select appropriate deposit sum. After that you will be redirected to Paypal secure payment page.

Currently we are offering you to pay via PayPal.

GREATEST DESIRE does not charge any commission for depositing on your account.

To withdraw your money you must fill in all the necessary tabs. After checking the data you will be able to withdraw to your bank account. To be able to do it familiarize yourself with "PAYMENTS AND COMMISIONS"

Starting the game

After you have filled in your personal profile by 60% your profile will be automatically publishsed. So other members could be able to play with your profile and you will be able to find the profile you like by means of search. Just press the button witch indicates your profile state.

Go to search page

you can use two ways to search for a profile:

  • key words profile search (unavailable for the moment);

  • random profile photo search.

Key words profile search 

On the search page you choose the options you are interested in (country, gender, age). Then you write the key words (working place, job, hobbies, education and career information, biography) and press button "PLAY". The system provides you with a random photo profiles and some information. If you like a profile you choose it to play with.

Now you must guess your partner's greatest desire out of the three in his profile.


You have 24 hours to guess your partner's greatest desire.  If you don't guess your partner's desire your account will lose. The same rules apply to those playing with your profile.

Random profile photo search

The photo search page randomly shows avatars of all active members. You are able to learn personal information and, if interested, start to play with one of the profiles.

Adding new friends

After the game you can add your partner as your friend and, if you both agree, you can communicate with him / her and even exchange your desires.

The game permits to invite your friends and your friends' friends to play without any restrictions. If you both agree you can play directly with them. By making a group of your friends you will be able to get some extra bonuses.

You will be able to chat with your friends. Just go to Go to friends list page page

Taking practice game

If you want to try practice game you will need to click on menu «Game» and then select «Try out practice game». After that you will redirected to randomly selected practice profile fo free desires guessing.

No payment requeride. Just try your skills and see gow game is working.

Inviting friends

Inviting your friends is a great option to become more close to them. You will be able to guess their greatest desires and invite them to guess your greatest desires.

For every ten (10) friends who played at least 1 game we will give you a 5GD bonus.

For inviting friends go to page click "plus" icon and enter friend email. After that wait for your friend to sign up and invite him to game

Payments and commissions


  • no commission charged for depositing on account;

  • you can play 10 games for free. Next games you can buy for GD money.
  • if withdraw money to your bank account minimum 15% commission is charged;

  • if your account has not been active for the last 6 months, or you want to close your account, 5GD commission is charged. In case your account has less than 10GD the whole sum of money will be charged to compensate the closure of the account;

  • if you play less than thirty games during six months, you are charged a 5GD commission to keep your account active.

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