Hannah, 21 years, Team weight loss


My history began when I went into the medical university. I knew about horrific pace of studying there, but also I was used to overestimating my capacity. Once I started, my confidence vanished immediately, as did my spare time. In matter of few weeks, I completely forgot about myself. I had no time neither to sleep nor to eat. One day I could live on sneaks, another I could empty half of the fridge at the late evening. I really didn’t notice how I put on weight.

My weights told me I was 73 kg. I gained twenty-five. I was shocked! I couldn’t imagine how my perfect slim forms turned into a bunch of fats. I’d always had no time to look after myself, and now I paid for it by unbearable kilograms. I decided to pull together during my holidays. I made a schedule and found fast diets, but three days after I was mentally exhausted, stressed out, and pushing myself again till another stress. I was tangled, and I definitely needed some help.

Through my search of team, I found Greatest Desires and joined a group of like-minded people. Their stunning scores powered me, but week later I frustrated even more. I almost didn’t eat, I made extensive exercises twice a day, and I resulted in only one kilogram! I wrote the host that I’m willing to quit. Instead, she began asking and calming me. She advised to see new scores of participants — almost everyone lost as much as I. “By small steps, we reach big desires” — she told. That time I didn’t give up. I chatted, checked new posts, supported my new mates, and moved on even in tough times.

Week by week, I’d lost more and more. Same did my mates, we were becoming lighter together. At final fifteenth week I’d lost my last three kilograms. I didn’t believe it, my 25 kg, my personal disaster was defeated! However, I found a big friendly family, what’s more important. They taught me so much, they changed my habits, and made me love myself whatever it takes. Greatest Desires taught me, that the way towards your desire becomes much easier, when you’re not alone.