Mia, 18 years, Friends from around the world


My biggest obsession — foreign languages. Isn’t it great when you could share same phrase, but with different tone and charm? However, when comparing languages, it turns out we’re much more similar than we think. Our paces crossing through the history, impact of wars, alliances, colonization marked in our everyday words. Japanese people, so intelligent and introverted to our nature, asking for ice cream in their markets same words as we usually do!

I tried every language in the world: Malay, Indian, Chinese, Russian, German, and so on, but I had no friends to speak and develop my skills. It makes no sense to learn a language, when you can’t share it with someone. Realizing that, I focused really tight. I signed in all known sites of language learning and all known desires sites to unite as much people as I could. At the end, only few remained, among which was the Greatest Desires network.

Many people noticed my desire there. I was surprised how many thought the same way as I! I found travelers, I found big fans of languages learning, and ones that were foreigners themselves. I reached so much experience, no other site could ever provide that much. I checked others’ similar desires and learned much about cultures and travels. I think I’m ready to host a TV-show! My new friends introduced me their friends overseas, and soon my network of acquaintances spread upon the entire world!

In the face of all my experience, I could tell that though we so far from each other, we have similar human desires. We desire to be loved, to buy a house, to drink less coffee, to buy a new coat and shoes. We are people, no matter what language we speak. I feel very nice about Greatest Desires. All these people around me, all their energy made me the person I am. I bet I will bound my life with travels someday to share my personal happiness of discovering new. I hope I’ve shared a piece with you today! Follow your desires, it’s a real pleasure to be human.