Nicole, 42 years, My own house by the ocean


I’ve struggled all my life so that my dream comes true. It started with my childhood. I still remember I was six years old when I was asked to draw my desire. I was holding a brush over the paper and tried to build my dream house by the ocean in my mind. Without a long time for reflection, I got a picture, which clearly demonstrated the main goal for my future life.

It was always a pleasure to imagine how I was walking by the ocean after my dinner, while the sun was sinking below the horizon. I realized that there were a lot of people in the world, who used to have the same desire as me, and now they have already reached their goal. It was important to me to know their secret of success, how they had done that, where they started and where they finished. Then, I thought my goal was to find people with the same desire to talk about it. Realizing that, I focused on that task. I was concentrating my efforts on finding an appropriate site, which could unite like-minded people.

Imagine my surprise, when I found out that there was such a site in the Web, which had name - the Greatest Desires network. I couldn’t wait to sign up for that site to take my first step towards desire. I couldn’t imagine that so many people had the same desire as me! I checked their profiles and found out a lot of new information, which I was always looking for. Furthermore, I drew inspiration from those, who had already achieved the aim. During the time of my steps, I got acquainted with many like-minded humans, who always supported and gave me any advice in different situations, ‘what would be better…?’, or ‘how would be better to do that…?’. I had the satisfaction that I had the right people, who I could rely on. All those people around me gave me energy and strength, which I really needed. I admire The Greatest Desires network for that thing that it gave me so much experience and opportunities!