Paul, 24 years, Hotspot journalist


It is hard to determine when it was when I realized that hotspot journalist was exactly that profession, which always was my desire. I think it has been in my heart since I was born. I remember that time, when I was watching TV, listening to the radio or reading newspapers, and what a pleasure it was to represent myself in their shoes. I was interested in everything that was going on around. Moreover, I always tried to find out what happened in a particular situation and tried to explain it to other peopleas if I was already a journalist. But most importantly, it really made me happier!

When I grew up - I knew what I was going to do. My desire was always on my mind and didn’t let me forget about the main goal of my life, because I was sure, that thing would bring me pleasure. I was ready to do everything in my power so that my dream came true.

Unfortunately, I realized that I didn’t have any people, who could help me even with advice. Nobody of my inner circle was aware of the profession of journalistand got the hang of it, so I needed to look for the people, who could help me and give some pieces of advice.What happiness it was when I found theGreatest Desires network quite by chance becausethanks to it I found them. Some of my new acquaintances wereat the same stage of reaching the goal as me, so it was easier to move on when I knew that I wasn’t alone and there were people, who always supported me and helped with every problem that occurred. Another part of my new circle of acquaintances had already achieved their goal and was glad to share their experience with me. Every time when I was confused and didn’t know what to do, they guided me in the right direction. One of that great help was the advice of thebest and the most prestigious university for journalists. I’m truly so excited to be the part of that great community of theGreatest Desires network.