Marta, 34 years, Restaurant business


Long as I can remember, Iwas always especially interested in such incredible buildings as restaurants. People usually come there in order to eat delicious food, but, as for me, this is not their only reason. To my mind, they often choose a restaurant to enjoy some kind of mysterious andpeaceful atmosphere, which each of them emits. When it was the time to decide on my main goal – I knew what I wanted. I always aspired to bring coziness, warmth, and inspiration in the world, and at that moment the realization of my desire had been already determined – my restaurant business.

And even back then, I understood what to do, but I needed someone, who had already reached the goal, totalk with. There were a lot of questions; I didn’t have any answers, which were so necessary so that I could sort out the details and start to act!Due to the lack of information, I was going to look for it in the Web, but, thanks to God, my acquaintance, who had already faced the same situation, advised me to sign up for the Greatest Desires network. She told me that there I would find many like-minded people, with whom I could communicate and gain experience. Moreover, she added that I would have an opportunity to achieve the most important desire in my life. I was eager to sign up as soon as possible, because the thought, that my dream could come true, got in over my head.

Remembering the feeling of tremendous support and inspiration I got from the people, who I met in the Greatest Desires network, I cannot believe that something like this has happened to me. I’m so grateful to everybody, who helped when I really needed it. I was never really clear on how people, who were so far from each other, could havesomething in common and become good friends, who were happy to share their experience. I can say with confidence we have to move towards the goal, and the Greatest Desires network will support and help us very well!