Flick, 56 years, The book of my life


Not so long ago I was captivated by idea of writing my memoir. I was wondering how I would look at my own past stories today and what I could take from them for my today self. My life was full of shallow regrets, which made up my mind for a long time, but I felt then that the time had come for me to reconsider my faults and start a new life once again. “The book of my life” — it was my personal little desire. I didn’t believe to share it someday, because I thought my life were too usual for large public.

Then I met the Greatest Desires network. I don’t really remember how I found the site, but I was surprised by its nice idea. I’ve never met such site like this, and by few minutes it became my favorite one. I’ve immersed into people’s desires, thoughts, everyday lives. Still I kept my drafts in the table, it was more inspiring for me to talk with network dwellers and see their step-by-step progress.

I had my progress, too. I made a grand review of my most emotional memories. Most of them were hilarious to me, though they made me depressed before, like the break-up with a girl because she was talking to other boys besides me. I forgave my friends, which ever cheated to me. I forgave my parents for they were trying to raise such silly teenage up whatever it takes. As my mind set up, I was more eager to share my progress of knowledge to site fellows. I send them my ideas just to show what I’ve achieved, but I wasn’t expecting they would repost me and thank me for my stories.

I couldn’t believe that my ordinary life with ordinary experience would matter at least little. But then I thought—“We all live ordinary!” We feel same emotions, and our desires is always about us to live happily. When we think out our obstacles, and when we push them aside, it matters not only for us, but to people with the same problems. Greatest Desires taught me, that every life matters. And if I can seed some sense of happiness into people’s hearts with my ordinary lif e stories, I definitely will.