Gabe, 29 years, My own sea yacht


All my life passed on the seashore. I’ve took from the sea all it could offer, but the most precious moments was spent on the big white yacht of my dad’s friend. He was driving me two or three times a week, but I pestered and wanted more. He told then that I should buy my own and didn’t bother him, and six-years-old I answered, that I surely would. He chuckled and said that I would have then to sail him in return. When I get older, I honestly tried to save up some money. But every time my savings grew at least little, I was always wasting them, like, on console or on a new smartphone. I didn’t know how to save money properly, but I never gave up the hope that one day I will finally buy my great white yacht.

I wish I could find a group of like-minded people, thus, I found the GreatestDesires. I joined the network and made up for myself, like, now it will be different. I got it serious and asked my new mates there how to make fast progress. I was caught in fire and wanted to make it quick, but they slowed me down and advised me to move by small steps. First, I should detail my plan, because “the “earn money—spend money” strategy definitely won’t work.” They taught me how to treat money and told me to save every 10 percent from my income, increasing the percentage along with money I earn. I logged incomes and outcomes, controlled myself not to touch my savings, and grew professionally and worked hard every day.

My goal was defined from the school, it was sharp white Caramia for $1 million. I moved to her every day, though it wasn’t easy at all! I was exhausted of constant work, sometimes I was wondering do I really need this bloody yacht… But the faces of my dad and his friend when I said them I saved my first half million, were surely worth it. They even began helping me, for what I thank them so much. With their help and the help of my GreatestDesires mates, my impossible child desire came real in four years! And yes, dad’s friend do love to sail my yacht!