Satchel, 50 years, Animal shelter


My town had only one animal shelter, which, of course, couldn’t bear all of street dogs and cats. It couldn’t hold and treat everyone, moreover, most of animals were staying in their enclosures for long years, because the social activity in our town was in desperate condition. The shelter couldn’t handle its responsibility alone, just because it was too small comparing with the straying animals amount in our town. My desire was always to help volunteer activity, to make the situation better. I’m in volunteer joints for about thirty years, I’ve always invested them as good as I can, but it never was enough.

I knew about GreatestDesires already and used it for some little achieves. Now I thought the time had come for greatest ideas. I united with like-minded persons, who was volunteering in different regions. They said they had a network of volunteering camps, which were supporting each other and arranging promotion fests. It was exactly what I’d like to do. I pointed my problem and asked them to share all their experience to help me run and promote my future entities, and they gladly agreed.

Following their advices, I chatted with the volunteering leaders of my town. They were fascinated with my project and agreed to support it whatever it takes. After that, I reached the help from the town budget and permission for building. Then the most complicated process started—the point of practice. I rearranged the big old building on the outsides and made it the second animal shelter in our town. I engaged my town volunteers and new recruits, and our work officially began.

Back in time, we would probably not made a case without the GreatestDesires volunteers, which were generously supplied us first time. W e stay connected, making some kind of international network, still not very wide. I see how our case inspire more and more people from different cities to join charity. I see how the world around me getting better. I’m glad this network exists, thus people could get motivated and supported, and move forward not only themselves, but entire countries.